A selection of our highly anticipated Botanical wines from the outstanding 2021 vintage.



2x 2021 Fetherston 'Magnolia' Albariño

  -  single vineyard, skin-contact Albariño from the King Valley


2x 2021 Fetherston 'Peony' Nebbiolo Rosé

  -  single vineyard Nebbiolo Rosé from the Pyrenees


2x 2021 Fetherston 'Iris' Chardonnay

  -  barrel fermented Chardonnay from the Yarra Valley


2x 2021 Fetherston 'Fungi' Pinot Noir

  -  an incredibly bright and bunchy Pinot Noir from the Yarra Valley


2x 2021 Fetherston 'Sakura' Syrah / Nebbiolo

  -  single vineyard, 50:50 blend of Syrah and Nebbiolo from the Pyrenees


2x 2021 Fetherston 'Camellia' Cabernet Sauvignon

  -  single vineyard ‘nouveau’ Cabernet Sauvignon from the Yarra Valley


Botanical Mixed Dozen

  • 2021 Fetherston 'Magnolia' Albariño

    'Delicious, moreish, savoury and yet pretty fruited white wine with attractive, cucumber and lemon soda water aromas which neatly fold into the palate. Some savouriness to taste too, light, salted cashew notes and light, green herb characters too. Interesting yet accessible, clean and bright and fresh. A delight.'

    92 points

    - Mike Bennie, The Wine Front


    2021 Fetherston 'Peony' Nebbiolo Rosé

    'From its copper-orange colour to its dry, textural finish, this jelly-fruited rose is a winner for summer drinking. It’s featured with earth and roasted spice notes but redcurrant, rose, orange and strawberry fruit flavours drive deliciously throughout. Not a problem in the world here. This will perform best in the company of food but really, it will perform well in any setting.'

    92 points

    - Campbell Mattinson, The Wine Front


    2021 Fetherston 'Iris' Chardonnay

    'Intensity of flavour here is noteworthy. Lime, stonefruit and pineapple-like characters with brine, lemongrass and honey as chasers. It’s a wine of purity, line and length first and foremost but it’s also bursting with fruit. Interesting take. Different in a pure way. There are whispers of both gravel and vanilla here too. It holds your attention and then some.'

    92 points

    - Campbell Mattinson, The Wine Front


    2021 Fetherston 'Fungi' Pinot Noir

    'Gee, this wine really pops. Cherry and raspberry, spicy and meaty, a carbonic cherry lolly and floral top note. It’s light and frisky, crisp cranberry acidity, gentle lick of graphite tannin, sappy and firm, but playful too. Finish is dry, with some spice and sappy dried sage/thyme flavours. Excellent, and almost like a Gamay, in a way. A wine made for lusty drinking pleasure, but with a little complexity laid on too.'

    92 points

    - Gary Walsh, The Wine Front


    2021 Fetherston 'Sakura' Syrah Nebbiolo

    'It’s a really lovely wine to drink. Step right up, Thunderbirds are go here. Cherry-berry flavours with musk and sweet spice around the edges. Has flow, has acid, has fruit and has lift. Shape is good too. Medium in weight, at most, in a good way. No hesitation.'

    92 points

    - Campbell Mattinson, The Wine Front


    2021 Fetherston 'Camellia' Cabernet Sauvignon

    'It’s a beautifully fresh-faced cabernet. It has texture and flavour but its out-and-out freshness is what really draws you in. Mulberry and blackcurrant with twiggy almost-bitter spice notes through the finish. It feels polished and silken. There’s tannin here but it’s so well integrated that you barely notice it. Elegant, that’s what this wine is. Factor in the price here and you have a keen buying/drinking option.'

    92 points

    - Campbell Mattinson, The Wine Front